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The Instagram channel integrates with the official Instagram messenger API.


To integrate with the Instagram channel, you must have an Instagram Business account, as well as a Facebook page that is connected to your Instagram account. Additionally, the account must have fewer than 500k followers.

Navigate to the Instagram channel in the Studio, log in and select the Facebook page with which you want to integrate.


  • Regular messages
  • Messages with quick replies
  • Images. Captions are send as a separate text message after the media.
  • Templates: buttons, gallery, and card.
  • Locations will be send as a URL to Apple maps. Apple maps will redirect to Google maps on non-Apple devices.
  • Toast messages are send as regular text messages.


  • Adaptive cards, list templates, and text templates are not supported.
  • Input methods are not supported.
  • Video, audio, and files are not supported.
  • Long messages are split into multiple messages due to the 1000 byte limitation of Instagram.
  • Quick replies on media messages (such as images) are not supported by Instagram. To work around this, we will send the quick replies on the caption message. If there is no caption, "👇" will be used as a placeholder caption.