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Contains the necessary parameters to instantiate a ChatBubble class


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botId: string

The identifier of the bot. The bot ID can be found in the URL when viewing the bot in the Botsquad studio.

Optional hostname

hostname: undefined | string

The hostname of the endpoint. By default this points at bsdq.me. Leave unchanged in most cases.

Optional locale

locale: undefined | string

A valid ISO language code; for instance en, or nl_BE.

Optional secure

secure: undefined | false | true

Whether the connecting endpoint uses HTTPS or not. Defaults to true. Leave unchanged in most cases.

Optional timezone

timezone: undefined | string

The user's timezone, needs to be a valid timezone like Europe/Amsterdam.


userAgent: string

The user agent string that identifies this client. The user agent needs to be structured like this: appname/version (OS os_version); for instance: `MyApp/1.0.0 (iOS 13.1.2)

Optional userId

userId: undefined | string

An application-specific user identifier. Mutually exclusive with userToken; if userId is set, userToken will be ignored.

Optional userToken

userToken: undefined | string

The token that identifiers this user. The first time a connection is made, the token can be omitted, as it will be returned in the result of ChatBubble.connect. Each subsequent connect() call should have this same userToken parameter, to ensure that the user is correctly identified.


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