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Contains the information that is known about the user.

Any key / value properties can be set in the information, using ChatBubble.putUserInfo. The properties listed here are special, in the sense that they are used by the platform. Some properties (tags, frontend) cannot be updated through the putUserInfo call.


  • object
    • UserInfo



Optional first_name

first_name: undefined | string

The users's first name

Optional frontend

frontend: undefined | string

The primary channel that the user users to chat with the bot

Optional last_name

last_name: undefined | string

The users's last name

Optional locale

locale: undefined | string

The user's locale. Note that this locale can be different than the one that is passed in to ChatBubble; the bot might have decided to switch locale.

Optional profile_picture

profile_picture: undefined | string

URL of the profile picture

Optional tags

tags: string[]

A list of tags set on the user

Optional timezone

timezone: undefined | string

The users's timezone


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