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Code editor tips

The DialoX code editor is based on the Monaco editor.

Keyboard shortcuts

You can press F1 to view all the supported editor commands and their keybindings. Additionally, you can press '?' anywhere in the studio to get a list of keybindings for that page.

Mouse actions

Jump to definition

You can use ctrl + click on a symbol in the editor to jump to where that symbol is defined. For example:

dialog main do
  invoke other

dialog other do

Using ctrl + left click on other on line 2 will jump to the dialog definition on line 4.

Hover documentation

Hovering over function calls will also pop up the documentation for that function.

Run from

You can click on a line number to start the bot at that location.


If breakpoints are enabled for your environment, then you can click in the sidebar next to the line numbers to set a breakpoint. Running the bot in the simulator will then pause the bot if it reaches that line of code.