Using the API and the SDK it is possible to integrate your bot in a fine-grained way into your own application.

  • The Rest API is used to manage the users and conversations of your chatbot; as well as providing request/response-based chat interactions.

  • The Webhooks API document the kind of events and messages from the bot that can be sent to external systems to provide realtime integration.

  • The ChatBubble SDK can be used to create your own chat bubble with Javascript, either on the web or with React Native.

  • The Widget SDK describes the Javascript that can be used to enable the chat widget on your website

  • The Host SDK describes the Javascript that can be used to embed the chat deeply into your website.

  • The React JS component shows how you can embed a chatbot in your ReactJS website.

  • The Provisioning API is expected to be used by external parties that want to integrate their ordering process with the DialoX platform in order to automate the creation of bots for customers.

  • The Inbox API is used to perform workflow actions and control conversations.